"At the NYC NEDA walk, the #FaceYourBeast campaign came to life. Participants were handed a piece of chalk and a chalkboard, and asked to write down the name of their "beast". In this moent, Roberts describes they 'must decide whether or not they can be honest with themselves... it seems easy, to write down the very thing that you struggle with every day, but to most people, this battle isn't one we want to face or acknowledge within ourselves.'" - Annie Robinson (EDRS)

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The First Post

"A crucial step in recovering from an eating disorder is realizing you are not alone. The shame that surrounds eating disorders often leads people to remain silent about their struggles. And in isolation, an eating disorder grows. To combat this unhelpful cycle, advocates throughout the world are spearheading campaigns that encourage speaking your truth. Because through truth, community grows." - Annie Robinson (EDRS)  Read more here